Decentralized Collectible Cards Rewards

A decentralized, globalized sports blockchain platform which is deeply rooted in the sports industry ecosystem, enabling free flow of sharing and transmission of values by all users, participants and fans in the industry.

Since the beginning of 2010, Elite Boxing has been building a strong portfolio of muaythai and combat sports brands.

A number of international event series brands have been established or acquired to cater to different markets, fans and fight disciplines, while EB-TV is the biggest online streaming portal in combat sports. Other EB brands include muaythai gyms in Bangkok, Phuket and around the world, as well as a selection of merchandising and combat sport equipment brands.

braZia.TV is a new virtual fitness concept available 24/7 via an online platform and mobile application. Offering fitness training programs delivered by South American models based in Asia.

Subscribers will have the chance to create their own training portal with a selection of different fitness courses that were created by real models. These online courses are available for viewing at all times via computer or any mobile device in line with the brand slogan of: Fitness Anytime.Anywhere.

EB-TV gives it's viewers access to high quality Martial Arts video for online viewing 24 hours a day along with a strong package of programming for TV distribution. The channel compliments the popular information based sites as well as sports broadcasts, bringing new opportunities to see fighters in action and to review material before watching live broadcast fights being shown on the web portal and syndicated to broadcasters.

Brazia Soccer is an online platform that connects people who share a love of playing soccer and gives everyone the chance to be a soccer star. Anyone can sign up as a Brazia Soccer player for free, regardless of age or ability.

Once you sign up, you will be immediately registered in the Brazia Soccer database. You can then find other players in your area and join a team. If you are a group of friends, you can even register your own team for just $29.99 per month.

The United Through Sports initiative was established through AIMS in 2017 and gained approval towards an inauguration at the 2018 SportAccord Convention in Bangkok with patronage from the IOC and the support of GAISF/ SportAccord. Originally the name of the festival was to be “United Through SportAccord” as the materialisation of the festival was via SportAccord. But with the vision of inclusivity for all, the decision was made that “United Through Sports” is all encompassing.

SportNme will offer an all-inclusive app where members and fans from all different sports can follow news, watch live events, buy tickets and sign-up for upcoming games or trainings all in one, convenient place.

SportNMe Platform app is a secure and easy way for federation to improve sports performance and communicate with their athletes and fans.

Fly Single aims to build on the huge success of social networking and online dating to turn flying alone from a chore into an adventure

The Vipguest.Club APP provides users with an easy-to-use one-stop service that enables them to browse the leading nightclubs across Asia, search for events, and make VIP bookings, all from their mobile device in one easy process.

1Luxe is a global leader dedicated to providing clients with superior concierge and lifestyle management solutions, unsurpassed attention to detail and unrivalled personal service.

Our relationships, insider knowledge and industry exposure enable us to deliver, the unattainable, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We passionately serve our clients, stakeholders, and employees with dedication and excellence in all aspects of our corporate operations


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